I was cruising around on Personalizationmall.com for possible Christmas presents.

Ohhh…they have personalized golf balls. (I can just picture Myles enjoying hitting my face 350 yards)

Let me read the reviews…

Wait… WHAT?? Your brother? An ultrasound picture? On a golf ball?

THIS IS TOO PERSONALIZED!!! I feel bad for this poor child who will be scarred for life. Not to mention the fact that I would never speak to my sister again.

Poor Uncle Jared.

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Thank you to all (my) brave men. 

“This nation will remain the land of the free only so long as it is the home of the brave.” -Elmer Davis

Both of my Grandfathers who have now passed away served in WWII.

[Top to bottom. Air Force (Prisoner of War/Purple Heart) & Marine]

Not pictured: My father served in the Navy and My boyfriend in the Marines. 

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Well the snow screwed up my plans tonight. Every winter makes me want to move to Texas/Florida more and more. But it’s not even winter. This is the most ridiculous weather ever. Snow before November should be illegal. On Friday I told a coworker that if it snows and ruins my plans tonight then I am going straight to hit the bottle. Needless to say I am sitting on the couch next to mr jack Daniels. F snow.


The new car horn

I have come to the conclusion that the middle finger and car horn are no longer viable options for telling someone they suck at driving, and almost killed me/people. With that in mind I will now be throwing pennies at your car/face. I feel strongly that the pennies will actually make you think twice before you want to pull a complete ass hole move. Some people (lifebyliz) think that this is a tad bit over the top, and I should seek professional help. She might be right but I blame that on the ass hole drivers out there. #roadrage?? # justalittle #itsraining pennies


Trophy husband

So after a lot of deep thought, I have come to the conclusion that I am the definition of a trophy husband. So I would like to be addressed as such. And treated like one. (this post is aimed mostly at LifebyLiz)

Thank you, and have a nice day.


I just realized

I just was reminded that “the girl” can no longer sing and dance (or lack there of) to the song “single ladies”. Because I did indeed put a ring on it. #lifebymyles


Shakespearean troubles.

I tried to watch the movie “Much ado about nothing”. Now I don’t try to project myself as a scholar, but I’m having quite the difficult time trying to understand this movie. I am however guilty of not reading any of Shakespeare’s work. The old style English is going about twelve feet over my head. I guess I’m just going to stick with “old school”, “the hangover”, and “Austin Powers”.


A-Rod is mad that he was shown on TV being fed my Ms Diaz. When I read this it definitely made my day. We all know he’s a bitch, and to have such a beta female has been the one feeding him was priceless. Haha. Hey a-rod enjoy the press because the Yankees are trash now. Bum


Philly Person of the Week

Doug Collins is the head coach of the 76ers. He was also a player drafted first overall by the sixers in 1973. This is his first year coaching for the sixers, and he is my Philly Person of the Week.  A couple of days ago I listened to an interview with Collins on 97.5fm(my favorite radio station), and i have a new found respect for this man.  Just hearing him talk you could feel the love he has for coaching.  The sincerity in his voice is enough to understand why the sixers are playing so well for him. They started the season 3-13, and 21-15 since.  Last year they were one of the worse teams in the league.  They didnt add any superstars or big free agents, but their play this year is much better.  The only reason is Doug Collins.  I am excited for the future of this team.  Its goes without saying that we are a better team and have a brighter future with Collins at the helm.


What makes you think that this is an acceptable place to park? Although many people seem to have this problem when parking at my work. There are two parking areas, one which always has cars in it, and this one. There are yellow lines painted to show those of you who can’t use common sense. I just can’t understand how some people have lasted in this world. They walk around oblivious to other people and things. I thank God I was born with a decent amount of common sense. But then again, if I wasn’t then I wouldn’t really care.